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Custom Dip Molded Rubber Anesthesia Bladder for the Veterinary Industry

Custom Dip Molded Rubber Anesthesia Bladder

Project description:
Since 1985 McCammon Engineering Corp., a family-owned and operated firm has continuously expanded our range of capabilities by adding services such as custom dip molding. This strategy has allowed us to grow our client base and handle virtually any project for industries as diverse as military, pharmaceutical and hunting.

For close to two decades, we've been precision dip molding natural or neoprene rubber anesthesia re-breather bladders for large animal (e.g. horse, cattle) surgical procedures. Before our client found us, they had no choice but to rely on offshore providers. We continue to supply the 30-liter (7.92- gallon) bladder and 15-liter (3.96-gallon) sister part despite the fact the original company has changed hands several times. As a result of the changes, McCammon has worked with the firm to meet its need for design and material changes.

When manufacturing these bladders, we perform the dip molding as well as the pre-dry water bath and leach, post-dry tumbling and trimming. The secondary processes include printing and curing, post-cure silicone tumbling and assembly. In this case, the assembly involves inserting stiff rubber bushings into the bladder's neck where they are captured with a 3" wide neoprene rubber band. As importantly, we make sure the parts are tolerant to ± .003".

The 30-liter bladder is 26" long, 10" wide and 5" in diameter with a material thickness of .030". To our knowledge, this is the largest dip molded anesthesia bladder that is currently being produced domestically.

For more information on this precision dip molded anesthesia bladder, see the table below and contact us directly.

Highlights of a Custom Dip Molding Project

Product Description Anesthesia Re-Breather Bladder for Large Animal (horse, cattle, etc.) Surgical Procedures.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Dip Molding
Pre-Dry Water Bath/Leach
Post-Dry Tumbling

Post-Cure Silicone Tumbling
  • Provides Additional U.V. and Ozone Protection, and a Better Finish
  • Stiff Rubber Bushings are inserted into the Neck and are captured with a 3" Wide Neoprene Rubber Band.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Dip Machines, Industrial Ovens, Dip Tanks, Coagulant Tanks, Leach (water bath) Tanks, Printing, Trimming/Shears, and Finishing Tumbler
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: 0 .030"
Product Length: 26"
Product Width: 10"
Product Diameter: 5"
Bladder Volume: 30 liters
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.003"
Material Used Natural or Neoprene Rubber
Material Finish Black: Semi-Gloss
Additional Facts Providing Domestically Manufactured Large Animal Anesthesia Bladders
  • Prior to Our Involvement, Product was Only Available Over-Seas.
In process testing/inspection performed Individual Part Inspection
Individual Part Pressure/Leak Testing
Industry for Use Veterinarian, Large Animal Surgery, Breeding
Volume 10 per Week (This part & tooling is proprietary to the customer)
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1-2 Weeks
Delivery Location Minnesota
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name 30 liter Anesthesia Bladder